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N N Using the Flash (Super-Intelligent Flash) Using the Flash (Super-Intelligent Flash)
When the  ash is used, the camera’s Super-Intelligent Flash system instantly
analyzes the scene based on such factors as the brightness of the subject,
its position in the frame, and its distance from the camera. Flash output and
sensitivity are adjusted to ensure that the main subject is correctly exposed
while preserving the e ects of ambient background lighting, even in dimly-lit
indoor scenes. Use the  ash when lighting is poor, for example when shoot-
ing at night or indoors under low light.
Press the  ash pop-up button to raise the  ash.
RIf playback is in progress, return to shooting mode be-
fore raising the  ash.
Press the selector right (N) and choose from the fol-
lowing  ash modes:
OptionOption DescriptionDescription
AUTOAUTO//KK* The  ash  res when required. Recommended in most
The  ash  res whenever a picture is taken. Use for back-
lit subjects or for natural coloration when shooting in
bright light.
Capture both the main subject and the background
under low light (note that brightly lit scenes may be
According to
shooting conditions
* J
icon indicates that Intelligent Face Detection and red-eye removal are on and will be used
to minimize “red-eye” caused by the  ash re ecting from the retinas of portrait subjects.
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