34 More on Photography
Shooting Mode
SceneScene DescriptionDescription
ff UNDERWATER UNDERWATER Choose for when using an optional waterproof case to take photographs
UU PARTY PARTY Capture indoor background lighting under low-light conditions.
VV FLOWER FLOWER Choose for vivid close-ups of  owers.
WW TEXT TEXT Take clear pictures of text or drawings in print.
The camera focuses on the faces of dogs or cats that are facing the camera, and the
self-timer menu o ers a n AUTO RELEASE option that releases the shutter auto-
matically when a pet is detected (P 43). During playback, image search (P 58) can be
used to search for pictures taken in either mode.
RAlthough camera can detect many di erent breeds of dogs and cats, results may
vary with the breed and shooting conditions. The camera may fail to detect pets
with dark-colored faces or long hair covering their entire face. If a dog or cat is not
detected, the camera focuses on the subject at the center of the frame.
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