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Shooting Mode
The camera o ers a choice of “scenes,” each adapted to particular
shooting conditions or a speci c type of subject. Use the A SCENE
POSITION option in the shooting menu to choose the scene as-
signed to the SP position on the mode dial.
SceneScene DescriptionDescription
CC NATURAL & NATURAL & NNThe camera takes two shots: one without the  ash and one with.
DD NATURAL LIGHT NATURAL LIGHT Capture natural lighting under low-light conditions.
hh PORTRAIT PORTRAIT Choose for portraits.
ENHANCERENHANCER Choose for a smooth skin e ect when shooting portraits.
ll DOG DOG Choose when photographing dogs.
mm CAT CAT Choose when photographing cats.
MM LANDSCAPE LANDSCAPE Choose for daylight shots of buildings and landscapes.
NN SPORT SPORT Choose when photographing moving subjects.
OO NIGHT NIGHT Choose this mode for poorly lit twilight or night scenes.
HH NIGHT (TRIPOD) NIGHT (TRIPOD) Choose this mode for slow shutter speeds when shooting at night.
pp FIREWORKS FIREWORKS Slow shutter speeds are used to capture the expanding burst of light from
a  rework.
QQ SUNSET SUNSET Choose this mode to record the vivid colors in sunrises and sunsets.
RR SNOW SNOW Choose for crisp, clear shots that capture the brightness of scenes dominat-
ed by shining white snow.
ss BEACH BEACH Choose for crisp, clear shots that capture the brightness of sunlit beaches.
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