13 First Steps
Inserting the Battery and a Memory Card
• The data in internal memory may be erased or corrupted when the camera is re-
paired. Please note that the repairer will be able to view pictures in internal memory.
• Formatting a memory card or internal memory in the camera creates a folder in
which pictures are stored. Do not rename or delete this folder or use a computer or
other device to edit, delete, or rename image  les. Always use the camera to delete
pictures from memory cards and internal memory; before editing or renaming  les,
copy them to a computer and edit or rename the copies, not the originals.
Remove dirt from the battery terminals with a clean, dry cloth. Failure to observe this
precaution could prevent the battery from charging.
• Do not a x stickers or other objects to the battery. Failure to observe this precaution
could make it impossible to remove the battery from the camera.
Do not short the battery terminals. The battery could overheat.
Read the cautions in “The Battery and Power Supply” (P vi).
Use only battery chargers designated for use with the battery. Failure to observe this
precaution could result in product malfunction.
• Do not remove the labels from the battery or attempt to split or peel the outer casing.
• The battery gradually loses its charge when not in use. Charge the battery one or
two days before use.
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