6Before You Begin
Parts of the Camera
Battery Level Battery Level
Battery level is shown as follows:
IndicatorIndicator DescriptionDescription
D (white) Battery partially discharged.
C (white) Battery more than half discharged.
B (red) Low battery. Charge as soon as possible.
A (blinks red) Battery exhausted. Turn camera o and charge battery.
Hiding and Viewing Indicators Hiding and Viewing Indicators
Press DISP/BACK to cycle through shooting and playback indicators as follows:
Indicators displayed/indicators hidden/best framing/HD framing/histogram
Indicators displayed/indicators hidden/I favorites (P 54)/photo info (P 62)
Bright Ambient Lighting Bright Ambient Lighting
Re ections and glare caused by bright ambient lighting may make it hard to see the
display in the monitor, particularly when the camera is used outdoors. This can be ad-
dressed by holding the
button to trigger outdoor mode. Outdoor mode can also be
enabled using the T MONITOR SUNLIGHT MODE option in the setup menu (P 102).
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