The Setup Menu
L L DUAL IS MODE DUAL IS MODE ((defaults to defaults to LL))
Choose from the following image stabilization options:
OptionOption DescriptionDescription
LCONTINUOUS + MOTIONCONTINUOUS + MOTION Image stabilization on. If + MOTION is selected, the camera will ad-
just shutter speed to reduce motion blur when a moving objects
are detected.
MSHOOTING + MOTIONSHOOTING + MOTION As above, except that image stabilization is performed only when
the shutter button is pressed halfway or the shutter is released.
OFFOFF Image stabilization o . Choose this option when using a tripod.
R+ MOTION has no e ect when sensitivity is set to a  xed value, and may also be unavailable
at some other combinations of settings. The e ect may vary with lighting conditions and the
speed at which the object is moving.
BB RED EYE REMOVAL RED EYE REMOVAL ((defaults to defaults to ON)ON)
Choose ON to remove red-eye e ects caused by the  ash when shooting with Intelligent Face
RRed-eye reduction is performed only when a face is detected.
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