The Setup Menu
B B FRAME NO. FRAME NO. ((defaults to defaults to CONT.)CONT.)
New pictures are stored in image  les named using a four-digit  le num-
ber assigned by adding one to the last  le number used. The  le num-
ber is displayed during playback as shown at right. B FRAME NO. con-
trols whether  le numbering is reset to 0001 when a new memory card
is inserted or the current memory card or internal memory is formatted.
Frame number
OptionOption DescriptionDescription
Numbering continues from the last  le number used or the  rst available  le
number, whichever is higher. Choose this option to reduce the number of
pictures with duplicate  le names.
RENEWRENEW Numbering is reset to 0001 after formatting or when a new memory card is
RIf the frame number reaches 999-9999, the shutter release will be disabled (P 120).
RSelecting R RESET (P 100) sets B FRAME NO. to CONTINUOUS but does not reset the  le
RFrame numbers for pictures taken with other cameras may di er.
GG OPERATION VOL. OPERATION VOL. ((defaults to defaults to cc))
Adjust the volume of the sounds produced when camera controls are operated. Choose eOFF
(mute) to disable control sounds.
HH SHUTTER VOLUME SHUTTER VOLUME ((defaults to defaults to cc))
Adjust the volume of the sounds produced when the shutter is released. Choose eOFF (mute)
to disable the shutter sound.
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