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Using the Menus: Shooting Mode
D D WHITE BALANCE WHITE BALANCE ((defaults to defaults to AUTO)AUTO)
If AUTO does not produce natural colors (for example, when taking close-ups), select h and
measure a value for white balance or choose the option that matches the light source.
OptionOption DescriptionDescription
AUTOAUTO White balance adjusted automatically.
hhMeasure a value for white balance.
iiFor subjects in direct sunlight.
jjFor subjects in the shade.
kkUse under daylight”  uorescent lights.
llUse under “warm white”  uorescent lights.
mmUse under cool white”  uorescent lights.
nnUse under incandescent lighting.
ggFor underwater photography
hh: Custom White Balance: Custom White Balance
Choose h to adjust white balance for unusual lighting conditions. White balance measure-
ment options will be displayed; frame a white object so that it  lls the display and press the
shutter button all the way down to measure white balance.
If “COMPLETED! is displayed, press MENU/OK to set white balance to the measured value.
If “UNDER” is displayed, raise exposure compensation (P 39) and try again.
If “OVER” is displayed, lower exposure compensation and try again.
RFor greater precision, adjust P FILM SIMULATION, N ISO, and U DYNAMIC RANGE
before measuring white balance.
RAt settings other than h, auto white balance is used with the  ash.
RResults vary with shooting conditions. Play pictures back after shooting to check colors in
the display.
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