Shooting Mode
Viewing and Printing 3D Images
The camera displays images in 2D. Press the selector
down to toggle between the first and second shots.
Devices equipped for 3D display, such as the FINEPIX
REAL 3D V3 digital photo frame or FINEPIX REAL 3D
W3 digital camera, will display the images in 3D.
3D prints can be ordered from http://www.fujifilm.
The supplied software displays 3D anaglyph images.
3D photos can also be viewed using other applica-
tions that support the MP format.
3D TVs that support the MP format can display im-
ages in 3D. See the manual for your TV for details.
• Images are not output in 3D when printed directly
from the camera.
• 3D images are displayed in 2D in slide shows and
when output on a conventional TV.
3D images can not be edited or retouched.
The MP (Multi-Picture) format is a CIPA standard for files
containing multiple still images. Files in MP format are
referred to as “MP files” and have the extension “*.MPO”.
The camera uses this format for 3D images.
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