Taking Pictures in M (Scene Recognition) Mode
Smoothly press the shutter button
the rest of the way down to take
the picture.
2 The Shutter Button
The shutter button has two positions. Pressing the
shutter button halfway (q) sets focus and exposure;
to shoot, press the shutter button the rest of the way
down (w).
q w
Press halfway Press the rest of
the way down
beep Click
If the subject is poorly lit, the AF-assist illuminator may
light to assist focus (P 38). For information on using
the flash when lighting is poor, see page 40.
The Indicator Lamp
Indicator lamp
The indicator lamp shows camera status as follows:
Indicator lampIndicator lamp Camera statusCamera status
Glows green Focus locked.
Blinks green Blur, focus, or exposure warning. Pic-
ture can be taken.
Blinks green
and orange
Recording pictures. Additional pic-
tures can be taken.
Recording pictures. No additional pic-
tures can be taken at this time.
Blinks orange Flash charging; flash will not fire when
picture is taken.
Blinks red
Lens or memory error (memory card
full or not formatted, format error, or
other memory error).
2 Warnings
Detailed warnings appear in the display. See pages
114–117 for more information.
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