Taking Pictures in M (Scene Recognition) Mode
• When the side lever is set to H, M or L, the side lever
functions as same as the zoom lever.
• When setting the side lever to H, the side lever can
zoom faster than zoom lever. In the same way when
setting the side lever to L, the side lever can zoom
slower than zoom lever.
When using the zoom control and side lever simulta-
neously, the zoom control is activated.
2 Focus Lock
Use focus lock (P 37) to focus on subjects that are not
in the focus frame.
Auto back zoom
In the setup menu (P 94), you can change the set-
ting of the side lever. Select W SIDE ZOOM LEVER
then AUTO BACK to enable auto back zoom. Auto
back zoom allows the camera to zoom out and in
quickly. It makes it easy to find the lost subject when
zooming in.
Holding the Camera
Hold the camera steady with
both hands and brace your
elbows against your sides.
Shaking or unsteady hands
can blur your shots.
To prevent pictures that are
out of focus or too dark (un-
derexposed), keep your fin-
gers and other objects away
from the lens and flash.
Avoiding Blurred Pictures
If the subject is poorly lit, blurring caused by camera
shake can be reduced using the L DUAL IS MODE
option in the setup menu (P 96). In B mode, blur
caused by subject movement is also reduced (dual
IS mode).
Sensitivity is raised when dual IS is in effect. Note that
blurring may still occur depending on the scene. We
recommend that you turn dual IS off when using a
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