Using the Menus: Shooting Mode
R RCONTINUOUSCONTINUOUS ((defaults to defaults to OFF)OFF)
Capture motion in a series of pictures (Capture motion in a series of pictures (PP 44). Choose from 44). Choose from OO, , XX, , YY, , II, , PP, and , and OFFOFF (F550EXR) (F550EXR)
or or LL, , II, and , and OFFOFF (F500EXR). (F500EXR).
RRLOCATION SEARCH (F550EXR Only)LOCATION SEARCH (F550EXR Only) ((defaults to defaults to OFF)OFF)
Turn the GPS receiver on or o (Turn the GPS receiver on or o (PP 40). 40).
Z ZADVANCED ANTI BLUR (F550EXR Only)ADVANCED ANTI BLUR (F550EXR Only) ((defaults to defaults to OFF)OFF)
Select ON to enable advanced anti blur in R mode (P 23).
P PFILM SIMULATIONFILM SIMULATION ((defaults to defaults to cc))
Simulate the e ects of di erent types of  lm, including sepia and black-and-white.
OptionOption DescriptionDescription
cc PROVIA/STANDARD PROVIA/STANDARD Standard color reproduction. Suited to a wide range of subjects, from por-
traits to landscapes.
dd Velvia/VIVID Velvia/VIVID A high-contrast palette of saturated colors, suited to nature photographs.
ee ASTIA/SOFT ASTIA/SOFT A soft-toned palette of less saturated colors.
bb B&W B&W Take pictures in black and white.
ff SEPIA SEPIA Take pictures in sepia.
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