Viewing Pictures on a Computer
Connecting the Camera Connecting the Camera
If the pictures you wish to copy are stored on a memory card, insert the
card into the camera.
RWindows users may require the Windows CD when starting the software for
the  rst time.
QLoss of power during transfer could result in loss of data or damage to internal
memory or the memory card. Charge the battery before connecting the cam-
Turn the camera o and connect
the supplied USB cable as shown,
making sure the connectors are
fully inserted. Connect the camera
directly to the computer; do not
use a USB hub or keyboard.
Press the a button for about a second to turn the camera on. MyFinePix
Studio or FinePixViewer will start automatically; follow the on-screen in-
structions to copy pictures to the computer. To exit without copying pic-
tures, click Cancel.
RIf the software does not start automatically, it may not be correctly installed.
Disconnect the camera and reinstall the software.
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