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Recording GPS Data with Pictures (F550EXR Only)
QUsing GPS increases the drain on the battery, causing battery performance to drop
at low temperatures.
QThe receiver may have an error of a few hundred meters (yards).
QThe camera may be unable to receive GPS data in some locations. If possible,
choose an outdoor location with few obstructions when turning the camera on.
QThe position recorded when a photo is taken may di er from the actual location if
some time has passed since the camera was last able to update GPS data.
QSelect OFF for R LOCATION SEARCH ( P 99) and R TRACKING DATA ( P 100) in
the setup menu when in a hospital and before takeo and landing if traveling
by air.
QPlace names are current as of the date on which the map database was created
(P 127) and will not be updated to re ect any changes after that date.
QComprehensive place name data are unavailable in some countries and regions. If
no name is available, the latitude and longitude will be displayed for a few seconds.
Viewing GPS Data Viewing GPS Data
During playback, pictures for which GPS data exist are indicated
by a J icon. GPS data are shown for a few seconds each time
the picture is displayed.
GPS icon
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