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Recording GPS Data with Pictures (F550EXR Only) Recording GPS Data with Pictures (F550EXR Only)
To record GPS data with new pictures, press the F but-
ton and select one of the following options for RLO-
CATION SEARCH in the F-mode menu (P 81).
PERMANENTLY ON: The camera continues to update GPS data even when
turned o . The camera will be quicker to display GPS data when turned on,
but the drain on the battery will increase.
WHEN SWITCHED ON: The camera updates GPS data only when on. The camera
may need some time to acquire GPS data when turned on. This option is
selected automatically at battery levels of B and below.
RGPS works best outdoors under clear skies.
During shooting, GPS data are displayed in the monitor as
shown at right. Signal strength is indicated by the number
of bars; O is displayed when the camera is searching for a
signal and P if no signal is detected. The current location
is shown by a place name or (if no place name is available)
by the longitude and latitude.
RThe display of GPS information can be turned o by selecting OFF for R LOCA-
Location Signal
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