Before You Begin Before You Begin
Symbols and ConventionsSymbols and Conventions
The following symbols are used in this manual:
Q : This information should be read before use to ensure correct operation.
R : Additional information that may be helpful when using the camera.
P : Other pages in this manual on which related information may be found.
Menus and other text in the LCD monitor are shown in bold. In the illustra-
tions in this manual, displays may be simpli ed for explanatory purposes.
Supplied AccessoriesSupplied Accessories
The following items are included with the camera:
NP-50 recharge-
able battery
BC-45W battery
USB cable A/V cable CD-ROM
(contains this
• Strap
Basic Manual
Attaching the Strap Attaching the Strap
Attach the strap
as shown.
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