Using the Menus: Shooting Mode
U U DYNAMIC RANGE DYNAMIC RANGE ((defaults to defaults to AUTO)AUTO)
Control contrast. Higher values are recommended for scenes that include both sunlight and
deep shade or for increased contrast with such subjects as sunlight on water, brightly-lit autumn
leaves, portraits taken against a blue sky, and white objects or people wearing white; note, how-
ever, that mottling may appear in pictures taken at higher values. If AUTO is selected, the cam-
era will automatically select values between 100% and 400% in response to shooting conditions.
OptionOption DescriptionDescription
AA 100% 100% Increase contrast when shooting indoors or under overcast skies.
BB 200% 200%
CC 400% 400%
DD 800% 800% Reduce loss of detail in highlights and shadows when photographing
high-contrast scenes.
MM 1600% 1600%
RRMM1600%1600% and and DD800%800% are available only when are available only when D-RANGE PRIORITYD-RANGE PRIORITY is selected in is selected in
EE mode and an option other than mode and an option other than dd Velvia/VIVIDVelvia/VIVID or or ee ASTIA/SOFTASTIA/SOFT is selected for is selected for
PP FILM SIMULATION FILM SIMULATION ((defaults to defaults to cc))
Simulate the e ects of di erent types of  lm (P 81).
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