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Using the Menus: Shooting Mode
Using the Shooting MenuUsing the Shooting Menu
To display the shooting menu, press MENU/OK in shooting
mode. Highlight items and press the selector right to
view options, then highlight an option and press MENU/
OK. Press DISP/BACK to exit when settings are complete.
Shooting Menu OptionsShooting Menu Options
AAEE MODE MODE ((defaults to defaults to RR))
Choose an option for E mode (P 23).
AA Adv. MODE Adv. MODE ((defaults to defaults to rr))
Choose an advanced shooting mode (P 25).
AA SCENE POSITION SCENE POSITION ((defaults to defaults to LL))
Choose a scene for SP mode (P 29).
NN ISO ISO ((defaults to defaults to AUTO)AUTO)
Control the camera’s sensitivity to light (P 79).
O O IMAGE SIZE IMAGE SIZE ((defaults to defaults to OO 4:3)4:3)
Choose image size and aspect ratio (P 80).
T T IMAGE QUALITY IMAGE QUALITY ((defaults to defaults to N)N)
Choose how much image  les are compressed.
OptionOption DescriptionDescription
FINEFINE Low compression. Select for higher image quality.
NORMALNORMAL High compression. Select this option to store more pictures.
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