Switching on
Place a suitable pot or a pan on the corresponding
cooking position.
Press down the control knob for the corresponding
cooking position and turn it to the required
position between the and symbols. The burner
ignites automatically.
• When using large pots or pans you should ignite
the burner in the low position.
• Every time the gas hob is switched on, the
electronics run an auto test. All electrodes fire
and the required burner ignites after a few
seconds. When switching on further burners, only
the corresponding electrode fires.
• When being switched on, a short sound may be
heard when the electronic of the gas hob opens
the gas supply valve. This is a normal condition.
The flame size can be set continuously between full
and low by slowly turning the control knob.
Should the flame go out during operation
(e.g. because of a draught), the appliance will
automatically re-ignite the burner.
Should the re-ignition be unsuccessful (e.g. burner
is soiled by spilled over food or liquid), the gas
supply is switched off automatically and a signal is
sounded. Turn all control knobs to the OFF position.
After the appliance has cooled down sufficiently,
check if all the burner parts have been assembled
correctly. Check if the burners or the electrodes
have been soiled. Note: if a malfunction occurs on
one burner, you can continue using the remaining
burners, however, you must turn all control knobs to
the off-position first, before recommencing.
4. Operation
Only light a burner if all burner parts are dry, and
assembled correctly. Otherwise, malfunctions may
occur or the appliance may switch off.
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