3. Operating Principle
The gas hob features two normal burners,
two large burners and a Wok burner.
The appliance features one-hand operation, flame
detection and automatic re-ignition. The ignition is
activated when the control knob is turned.
Should the flame go out during operation, the
appliance will automatically re-ignite the burner.
During a disturbance, the appliance will cut off the
gas supply as a safety measure, to prevent
unburned gas escaping.
The flame setting is infinitely variable between high
and low.
The total rated thermal load amounts to:
17.0 kW referred to Hs* (gross calorific value)
15.3 kW referred to Hi(calorific value)
The specified rated load is defined by installation
of the fixed nozzles.
The gas hob is converted to a different gas
type by nozzle replacement (full and low-burning
nozzles) (see nozzle table on page 17-19).
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