About Use
The appliance is intended solely for use in the
household and must not be put to any other uses.
Use the appliance to prepare meals only. It must not
be used to heat up the room in which it is installed.
Use of a gas cooker generates heat and humidity
in the room where it is installed. This is why atten-
tion must be paid to good kitchen ventilation.
The natural ventilation openings must be kept
unobstructed. Prolonged use of the appliance
with several or all rings may call for additional
ventilation such as opening a window or a door,
or stronger air extraction by an extractor hood.
To guarantee good combustion, the room in
which the appliance is installed must have
a minimum volume of 35 m3and must possess
a door that opens outdoors or a window that
can be opened.
Keep the ventilation openings at the back of the
appliance free at all times.
Only ever use the burners after placing pots
and pans on them. Do not heat up any empty
pots or pans.
It is not permitted to use roasting pans, frying pans
or grill stones heated simultaneously by several
burners because the resulting heat build-up may
damage the appliance.
Pots with a diameter of less than 90 mm or more
than 280 mm / 320 mm for the large (WOK)
burner should not be used. When using large pots,
pay attention to keeping to a minimum distance of
50 mm between the cooking vessel and
combustible surroundings.
Switch the burners to the low setting whenever you
remove pots or pans briefly. In this way, you reduce
the risk of burns when working next to naked
flames; you also save gas and reduce pollution.
Whenever the gas hob is fitted under an extractor
hood, always cover the rings with pots or pans.
Otherwise, parts of the extractor hood may become
damaged by the extreme heat development or
grease residues in the filter may ignite.
Ensure an adequate supply of air when using
an extractor hood operating in the extraction
The appliance cannot be used during a power
In the event of malfunctions, please inform your
specialist dealer or your nearest Gaggenau after-
sales service.
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