Replacing the main burner nozzles of the
normal burner and large burner
Detach the safety spring on the supply lines.
Leave the electrode connected. Unscrew the
burners from the trough (Torx T20) and pull off the
burner from both supply lines.
• Carefully pull off both main nozzles together with
the O-ring by hand.
• Check whether the O-rings of the new nozzle
seats are fitted correctly. Fully push nozzles onto
the supply lines. Note: do not bend supply lines.
• Push the burners onto the supply lines.
Push the safety springs back on.
• Screw the burners back on the trough.
• Loosen the locking screw and adjust the air
regulation bush according to the nozzle table.
Tighten the locking screw.
See table on page 17-19
for details of nozzle settings.
outer main nozzle
inner main nozzle
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