Nozzle Replacement Changing over to a different gas type
Only authorised specialists are permitted to
change over to a different gas type.
The nozzles needed for the gas type to be set
are available as a conversion kit. Please specify the
appliance type and the required gas type. The
nozzles can be changed on the installed appliance.
Loads for all gases
For all gas types and pressures, the rated load
is achieved by installing the high and low setting
nozzles for the required gas type (see nozzle
Replacing the low setting nozzles
Switch off the power at fuse point and close the
gas supply!
• Detach pod grids, burner rings, burner head
covers and burner heads.
• Undo trough securing nuts (three 7 mm nuts on
each burner and two Torx T20 on the wok burner)
and carefully detach the trough.
• Loosen both cover plates, slide to the center and
• Remove the spindles between the control knobs
and the gas taps.
• Remove the cover plate from the gas taps.
• Turn the gas tap with the plastic part so that the
recess is above the nozzle. Screw out nozzle and
take nozzle out with small pliers.
• Replace both low setting nozzles on the gas taps
according to the new gas type and as detailed in
the low setting nozzle table. Fully screw in the
new low setting nozzles.
Important: be careful not to damage the O-ring.
• Re-fit spindles and cover plates.
See table on page 17-19
for details of nozzle settings.
outer low
setting nozzle
inner low
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