Gas Connection The gas connection must be in a location that
permits access to the shut-off valve and which,
if applicable, is visible after opening the door of
the cabinet.
By means of the included R 1/2“ connection bracket
(on the appliance end) with the affiliated washer,
the appliance must be connected to a fixed
connecting line or a gas safety hose to DIN 3383
Part 1 that corresponds to the type concerned.
An ambient temperature of 70 °K must not be
exceeded if the gas safety hose consists only partly
of metal. The permissible ambient temperature for
a gas safety hose that consists completely of metal
is 115 °K.
If a flexible line is used, it must be laid in such a
way that it cannot come into contact with moving
parts of the kitchen element (e.g. drawer).
• Turn all control knobs to the off position.
• Connect the appliance to the gas supply.
• Check the installation for gas leaks.
• Replace the trough and screw it on evenly. Fit all
burner parts correctly.
• Connect the appliance to the power supply, and
check for correct functioning. If the appliance
switches off there may be air in the gas supply
line. Turn the control knobs to the off position and
relight. This may need to be repeated until the
appliance ignites.
28 1/2”
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