Note on ventilation:
this household gas cooker has a total rated thermal
load of 17 kW (Hs).
Simultaneous use of all cooking positions of the
cooker generates heat and humidity in the room
where it is installed. This is why attention must be
paid to good kitchen ventilation.
This can be guaranteed for example by installing
an extractor hood with a minimum air output of
264 m3/h (= 15 m3/h per kW thermal load).
To ensure ventilation, the room in which this
appliance is installed must have a suitable opening,
like an exterior door or a window that can be
When using the household gas cooker, the extractor
hood must be operated in such a way, that, the
more cooking positions are used, the higher the air
output level must be.
Electrical Connection
Electrical connection (AC 220-240 V) is established
by means of a connecting cable with an earthing
contact plug connected to an earthed socket, which
must also be accessible after installation of the gas
If, after installation of the gas hob, not all poles can
be isolated from the mains by removing the plug,
an isolating device with a contact gap of at least
3 mm must be permanently installed. When estab-
lishing connections, make sure that the connecting
lead cannot come into contact with hot parts of the
gas hob or other hot parts.
Turn all control knobs to the OFF position before
connecting the appliance to the power supply.
The mains connecting cable must at least
correspond to type H 05 V2V2 3G 0.75 or it must be
correspondingly heat-resistant (at least 90 °C).
The mains connecting cable must only be
purchased through and connected by an
authorised specialist.
Pay attention to the information on the rating plate
and connect the PE conductor. Connect the
connecting cable to the mains.
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