Important Notes
Please observe the general safety notes and the
important information in chapter 1.
The installing technician is responsible for
perfect functioning of the appliance at its installa-
tion location.
He must show the user how to switch off the
electricity and gas supply whenever required.
After unpacking, check the appliance for any
transportation damage and report this immediately
to the transportation company.
before connecting the appliance, please check
whether the local connection conditions such
as gas type, gas pressure and mains voltage
match the appliance settings. This gas hob
conforms to the categories that are specified on the
rating plate. The rating plate can be found on the
appliance and additionally on the quality control
slip which is included with these instructions. By
replacing nozzles, it is possible to set the appliance
to any gas listed on the rating plate.
If the data should not match, the appliance must
be changed over to the required gas type and the
available pressure.
As this gas hob is not intended for connection to an
exhaust gas system, pay attention to the applicable
installation conditions.
The appliance may be installed in kitchen
combinations made of wood or similar combustible
materials without taking additional measures. The
rear wall must consist of non-combustible material.
A minimum distance of 300 mm from heat-sensitive
items of furnishing or contact surfaces (cupboard
side panel) must be observed.
The hob conforms to appliance class 3 and must be
installed in the worktop as shown in the installation
Do not install the appliance under a suspended
cupboard. For installation under a vapour extractor,
a minimum clearance of 760 mm must be
observed. Wall trims must be heat-resistant, and the
minimum distance between the hob and the wall
trim is at least 30 mm.
The appliance must be installed and connected by
an authorised gas installer. The installation must
conform with all current regulations of the gas
supply companies and the regional construction
Technical modifications reserved.
12. Installation Instructions
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