The appliance must be disconnected from the
power and gas supply during all repair work.
In the event of malfunctions, check whether the gas
and electricity supplies are in proper working
The cooktop cannot be used during a power failure.
If the cooktop is being used when the power failure
occurs, turn all of the burner control knobs to the
OFF position. The cooktop will not turn back on
after a power failure until all control knobs are first
turned OFF and then turned back on again.
Before calling the service engineer, check the
trouble-shooting guide on page 16 to see, if you can
rectify the problem yourself. If your appliance still
does not work, please contact your dealer or your
local Gaggenau customer service agency. Specify
the appliance type (see rating plate).
Repairs may only be carried out by authorised
technicians, in order to guarantee the safety of the
Unauthorised tampering with the appliance will
invalidate any warranty claims.
Only use original spare parts.
9. Maintenance
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