Part / Material Suggested Cleaning Procedure Important Reminders
Burner Head Cover,Remove coarse soiling with damp Do not clean in a dishwasher.
Burner Ring, cloth and detergent. Port openings must be kept free.
Burner Head Use brass polish to keep the Be careful not to loose the small parts.
(brass) original shiny surface.
Wok Burner Head Clean with detergent and brush. Do not clean in a dishwasher.
(enamel on
cast iron)
Electrode Clean with brush, fine glass-paper Soiled electrodes may cause malfunctions
or scouring pad. when igniting or flame control disturbance.
Be careful when cleaning electrodes,
they are fragile, do not turn.
Caution: never switch on cooktop while
cleaning electrodes.
Base Cloth with detergent and hot water. To prevent marring the polished stainless
(stainless steel, Soak burnt-in remainders with a steel trough, always polish in the direction
shot blasted, little detergent solution. of the polish lines.
brushed) After cleaning, polish dry with a Light discolorations may form if the
soft cloth to prevent water stains natural oxidation is removed together
forming on the surface. with the soiling. Put some commercially
For heavy soiling, you can order available stainless steel polish on a cloth
our stainless steel cleaner (Order and polish the whole cooktop after cleaning
No. 310631) from your Gaggenau to get an even stainless steel surface.
dealer. Never allow food stains or salt to remain
Caution: no liquid should enter on stainless steel for any length of time.
the housing of the cooktop Important: certain stainless steel cleaners
through the burner base. will scratch the surface. Chlorine or
chlorine compounds in some cleaners are
corrosive to stainless steel. Check
ingredients on label.
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