Keep the ventilation openings on the rear of the
appliance clean. Do not block the ventilation
The burners (burner head cover, burner ring and
burner head) will change their color during
operation and become darker. This change in color
will not influence the use-value.
Please thoroughly clean the appliance before
operating it for the first time and after every use.
8. Cleaning and Care
burner assembly wok burner
burner head cover
burner ring
burner head
burner base
burner assembly normal burner / large burner
Note: to avoid jeopardising the electrical safety of
the appliance, do not use high-pressure or steam
jet cleaning devices – risk of short circuits!
Caution, risk of burns! Before cleaning,
please wait until the cooktop has cooled to
hand-warm. Never switch on the cooktop
while cleaning.
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