The Wok and Accessories
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The round-bottom wok is the ideal wok for your
gas cooker.
The wok looks like a hollow semisphere with a
long handle or wooden handle. It has a rounded
base and slanted sides. The thin steel passes the
heat swiftly to the inside, but soon cools down
again as soon as the flame is set to a lower
setting. Therefore, ingredients cannot overcook.
– The diameter is between 35 - 40 cm for 4 persons.
– Make sure that a wok with a rounded base is
positioned safely on the pot grid.
– Woks may consist of various materials. Cast-iron
woks are more stable and keep the heat longer.
– They have a round, high cover. Therefore, they
are also capable of steaming and stewing.
– The semicircular grid is hooked in on the edge of
the wok. On it, you can steam ingredients, you
can allow deep fried foods to drip or you can
keep browned foods warm.
– Use the chan (rounded spatula) or a long handled,
wooden spatula.
– Use a ladle to remove foods.
– Use the strainer to lift deep fried foods from the
fat or large pieces out of a sauce.
– You can use bamboo baskets for steaming.
Cooking in the Wok
You can fry, steam, deep fry, stew and cook normally.
Stir frying is the special cooking method for the
wok. Ingredients cut into small pieces are cooked
as briefly as possible under strong heat and
constant stirring. In the large, round pan everything
can be stirred and turned faster and with greater
ease than in a conventional frying pan. Thanks to
stirring, ingredients do not burn onto the pan.
Surplus oil drains off towards the middle. In next to
no time, you obtain delicious roasted foods, the
pores in meat close and the meat stays soft and
juicy. Vegetables stay crispy, and taste and vitamins
are retained.
Important: the cooking time is so short that all
ingredients should be ready for cooking before you
begin. The correct sequence is also important. First
place the ingredients with the longest cooking time
in the wok. For example, these are hard-fibred
vegetables such as carrots. Soft vegetables such as
mushrooms or sprouts are added later.
Proceed as follows:
Pour sufficient oil into the wok to coat the surface.
We advise you to use peanut or or soya oil.
– Heat up the oil to just before the smoking point;
only then begin with stir frying.
– Cut the food into pieces of equal size, but not too
small, thus making sure they will not burn.
– If you are cooking larger quantities, work with
portions as otherwise not all of the food will reach
the hot base of the wok.
– Meals that are ready ca be kept warm on a
minimal flame. Clean the wok after every use and
rub its inside with oil. This will prevent rusting.
7. Wok Cookware Recommendations
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