Pots with a diameter of less than 90 mm or more
than 280 mm / 320 mm for the large (WOK)
burner should not be used. When using large pots,
pay attention to keeping to a minimum distance of
50 mm between the cooking vessel and
combustible surroundings.
When buying pots, pay attention to the fact
that the manufacturer frequently specifies the top
pot diameter, which is generally larger than the
diameter of the base.
Observe the manufacturer’s specifications! Use
cooking utensils that the manufacturer states as
being “suitable for gas". Use pots with heat resistant
Use pots and pans with a thick base, because heat
distribution is particularly improved in the low
setting. Using the correct size of pots and pans for
the burner ensures improved cooking performance
and energy efficiency.
To ensure an even distribution of heat, center the
pot above the burner. The flames should be
covered by the pot base.
Place the pot or pan securely and level on the pot
grid. Turn the pan handle to the side, it should not
point to the front. In order to guarantee a secure
position on the pot grid, the pot base should be flat
and not warped or dented.
Placing a fitting lid on the pot will shorten cooking
times. Through a glass lid you can watch the
cooking progress without having to take the lid off.
6. Cookware Recommendations
KG 491 Recommended Minimum
pot diameter pot diameter
Normal Burner 200 - 240 mm 90 mm
Large Burner 240 - 280 mm 90 mm
Large Burner (Wok) 240 - 320 mm 160 mm
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