5. Settings Table
Cooking Cooking method Examples
High Boiling Water
Searing Meat
Heating Fat, liquids
Boiling Soup, sauce
Blanching Vegetables
Roasting Meat, fish, potatoes
From Browning Flour, onions
Roasting Almonds, breadcrumbs
Baking Pancakes, egg dishes
to Boiling in open pot Liquids
Simmering in open pot Dumplings, sausages, soup garnish,
meat stock, poached eggs
Simmering Sweet sauces
From Boiling with closed lid Pasta, soup, sauces
Steaming Vegetables, potatoes, fish
to Stewing Vegetables, fruit, fish
Braising Goulash, rolled beef steaks, roasts,
Low Thawing Frozen foods
Slow cooking Rice, pulses
Reheating Soup, casserole, vegetables in a sauce
Switch to the high setting in order to reach the required temperature quickly. Then switch back to a lower
The output of the inner flame ring is the same on the normal, as well as the large burners.
The values given above must be looked upon as recommended values. The heat required depends not
only on the type and condition of the food, but also the size and contents of the pot.
Due to the high performance of the cooktop, fat and oil will heat up quickly. Never leave the cooktop
unattended, fat can ignite, food can burn.
Preferably use the rear cooking zones to prepare meals, that need longer to cook.
Preferably use the larger burners or the wok burner for brief cooking, deep fat frying and brief frying of
large quantities.
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