Cleaning and maintenance en
Removing metal grease filter
1Open the filter cover by pulling it downwards.
The filter cover is heavy. Hold the filter cover
with both hands.
Open the filter cover slowly and carefully.
2Press the lock on the metal grease filters.
Note: To avoid causing damage, do not bend the
metal grease filter.
3Take the metal grease filter out of the holder.
Note: Fat may accumulate in the bottom of the
metal grease filter. Hold the metal grease filter level
to prevent fat from dripping out.
4Clean the appliance from the inside.
5Clean the metal grease filter and let it dry before
refitting it.
Installing the metal mesh grease filter
1Insert metal grease filter.
While doing this, place your other hand under the
metal grease filter.
2Fold up metal grease filter and engage the lock.
3Close the filter cover upwards.
Note: Ensure that the filter cover lock engages
Replacing the batteries in the remote
1Undo screws.
2Remove cover.
3Remove the batteries.
4Correctly insert the new batteries (23AE 12 V).
5Dispose of flat or faulty batteries according to local
Note: Do not dispose of batteries in general household
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