en Operating the appliance
Operating the appliance
Operating the appliance
Press the buttons briefly to activate the various
functions. The function you are trying to select will
not be activated if you hold the button down for too
The appliance will emit a beep to confirm that a
button has been pressed.
Note: Switch on the extractor hood when you start
cooking and switch it off again several minutes after you
have finished cooking. This is the most effective way of
removing the kitchen fumes.
Use the remote control to set and adjust the various
different functions of your appliance.
Note: The remote control requires 23AE 12 V batteries.
For information on how to insert the batteries, refer to
the section entitled~ "Cleaning and maintenance"
on page 8
Note: Heat and penetrating moisture may damage the
remote control. Never expose the remote control to
intense heat or moisture.
Remote control
Operating buttons
Connecting the remote control to the appliance
If the appliance cannot be operated with the remote
control, e.g. after the battery has been changed, the
connection between the remote control and the
appliance must be re-established.
1Press and hold the @ button.
2Attach the appliance to the mains voltage.
A long audible signal sounds. The remote control
has been connected to the appliance.
Note: If no audible signal sounds within 30 seconds,
repeat this procedure.
Extractor hood's control panel
Operating buttons
Setting the fan
Note: Always adjust the setting according to the current
conditions. To eliminate strong cooking smells, select a
high fan setting.
Switching on
1Press the @ button.
The fan will start at fan setting ƒ.
2Press the @ or A button to set a different fan
Note: The appliance has three fan settings and an
intensive setting. To set the lowest setting,
press A once. If you press it more than once, the
appliance will switch off again.
Switching off
Press and hold the A button until the appliance
switches off.
or press the ÿ button.
Intensive setting
You can use the intensive setting if there is a large build-
up of odours and fumes/vapours.
Press and hold the @ button until ˜ appears in the fan
settings display .
Note: Intensive mode runs for four minutes. Once this
time has elapsed, the appliance will switch back to fan
setting ƒ.
=Light on/off/dimming
gIntermittent ventilation
žFan run-on
@Increase fan setting
ADecrease fan setting
(Fan settings display
0Operating buttons
@Light on/off/dimming
#Switch the extractor hood on and off
ADecrease fan setting
@Increase fan setting
žFan run-on
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