Preparing and sorting the laundry
Sorting laundry for
Wash white laundry separately from coloureds.
Unhemmed or torn items should not be washed in the machine, as they
may fray.
The laundry may be damaged if you do not observe the fabric care
Only wash laundry with the following care labels:
Do not wash laundry with the care symbol in the washer-dryer
Sorting laundry for
Only dry laundry that is labelled "suitable for tumble-drying" or which
has the following care symbols:
Do not wash the following fabrics in the washer-dryer:
Do not machine dry laundry with the b care symbol.
Airtight fabrics (e.g. rubber-coated fabrics).
Delicate materials (silk, curtains made from synthetic fabrics) -
they may crease.
Dripping-wet laundry - high energy consumption
Wool or fabrics containing wool.
Preparing laundry for
Loose foreign bodies (e.g. coins, paper-clips, needles, nails) may damage
the laundry and components of the washer-dryer (e.g. the drum).
Empty the pockets of all items.
Brush any sand out of pockets and collars.
Pretreat any stains.
Close zips, do up cover buttons.
Remove curtain fittings or place curtains in a laundry bag.
Wash the following in a laundry bag/pillowcase:
Delicates, e.g. tights, curtains,
Small items, e.g. socks or handkerchieves,
Underwired bras (the underwiring may come loose during the
washing process and cause damage).
Turn trousers, knitwear and jersey fabrics, e.g. hosiery, T-shirts or
sweatshirts, inside out.
Sorting laundry according
to the information on the
care labels
Care label Type of laundry
<; Cottons 90 °C.
:98 Coloureds 60 °C, 40 °C, 30 °C.
BA> Easy-care 60 °C, 40 °C, 30 °C.
:FAE> Hand- and machine-washable silk, 40 °C, 30 °C,
Sorting laundry according
to the information on the
care labels Care label Type of laundry
aDry at normal temperature
`Dry at low temperature (delicate drying)
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