Before washing for the first time
The washer-dryer was tested before leaving the factory.
To remove any water that may be left over from the test, you should not
load any laundry the first time that you run a wash programme.
Make sure that the transport safety bolts on the rear of the washer-
dryer have been removed –> page26.
Do not load any laundry.
Close the door.
Turn on the tap.
Pull out the detergent drawer.
Add ½ a measuring cup of detergent to compartment II –> page11.
Do not use detergents for wool or delicates (these cause foam to be
Close the detergent drawer.
Turn the programme selector to the 60°C programme.
Press the ! (Start/Pause) button.
At the end of the programme, turn the programme selector to Off.
Open the door.
Leave the door open to allow the inside of the washer-dryer to dry out.
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