Control panel
Indicator lamp
Indicate the settings that have been
selected for:
Temperature: Ž - 90 °C.
Spin speed: $ - 1400 rpm.
– Options/signal.
Display panel
Shows the settings that have been selected (e.g. spin speed,
drying time), the progress of the current programme and the
programme status.
Programme progress
! N ' 0 S
Pre-wash, Main wash, Rinse), Final spin,
Drying options
0 P e e+
Time-controlled drying, Iron-damp,
Cupboard-dry, Extra-dry.
Auxiliary displays
0 ! @
7 kg
Remaining time, Programme start,
Childproof lock, Fluff-removal cycle,
recommended load
Indicator lamp Display panel
Washing and drying options –> page15
Temperature °C: individual adjustment of the washing
Spin speed 0: individual adjustment of the spin
Optionstaste (Option button): sets washing options.
Set (Set): activation/deactivation of the selected
washing options.
Remaining time 0 : delays programme start.
Drying S: sets the drying options
Start/Pause !:
starts and stops the washing programme –> page16.
Programme selector –> page13
For switching the washer-dryer on
and off and for selecting the
programme, can be turned in both
directions. Do not adjust the
programme selector while washing/
drying is in progress.
Programme selector
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