Your new washer-dryer
Description of the
washer dryer
The washer-dryer can be used
in 3 ways –> page17:
washing only
drying only
successive washing and drying.
The successive wash-dry programme shifts automatically from the wash
cycle to the dry cycle without further intervention.
Drying is achieved using the condensation principle. The condensate that
is produced during drying runs via the drain hose and into the drainage
Caution: the water supply hose and water drain hose must be correctly
connected during washing and drying –> page28. The tap must be open.
A safety device prevents the door from being opened during operation.
Before opening
Make sure that there is no water in the drum and that the drum is not
Emergency release
In the event of a power cut, the door can be released mechanically
–> page23.
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