General safety information
Intended use
For private domestic use only.
The washer dryer is suitable for machine washable textiles and hand
washable wool and for drying certain types of textiles according to care
The appliance is suitable for operation with cold mains water and
commercially available detergents and care products which are
suitable for use in a washer dryer.
Always follow the manufacturer's instructions when dosing
all detergents, cleaning aids, cleaning products and cleaning agents.
The washer dryer may be operated by children from 8 years of age, by
persons who have limited physical, sensory or mental abilities and by
persons who have inadequate experience or knowledge, provided
they are supervised or have been instructed by a responsible
person.Children must not perform any cleaning or maintenance work
without supervision.
Keep children under the age of 3 years away from the washer dryer.
Keep pets away from the washer dryer.
Install and operate the washer dryer in a room which has an outflow.
This washer-dryer complies with the relevant safety regulations.
Electrical safety Warning
Danger of death!
Danger of death if live parts are touched.
– When disconnecting the mains plug, always pull the plug
itself and not the cable, otherwise the cable could be
– Never touch or hold the mains plug with wet hands.
Risk of injury
Risk of injury!
If the washer dryer is lifted using projecting parts (e.g. the
washer dryer door), these components may break off and
cause injuries.
Do not lift the washer dryer by its projecting parts.
If you climb onto the washer dryer, the worktop may break and
cause injuries.
Do not climb onto the washer dryer.
If you lean/support yourself on the open door, the washer
dryer may overturn and cause injuries.
Do not lean on the open washer dryer door.
If you reach into the rotating drum, you may injure your hands.
Do not grip the rotating drum. Wait until the drum stops
Risk of scalding!
– When washing at high temperatures, you may be scalded
if you touch the hot washing water (e.g. if draining hot
washing water into a washbasin).
– Do not touch the hot washing water.
– If a drying programme was interrupted, the washer dryer
and laundry may be very hot. Select Intensive Dry Ù or
Low Heat Dry ^ and select 15 min drying time to cool
down the washing and then remove.
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