Electrical connection
The washer-dryer must only be connected to an alternating current supply
via a properly installed earthed socket.
If a residual current circuit breaker is used, only use a type which displays
this symbol: .
Only this symbol guarantees compliance with the currently applicable
The mains voltage must match the voltage specifications on the washer-
dryer (rating plate).
The connected load and fuse required are shown on the rating plate.
Make sure that:
the mains plug fits the socket.
the cable cross-section is adequate.
the earthing system is properly installed.
the appliance is not standing on the mains cable.
the mains plug is accessible at all times.
Changes to the mains cable may only be carried out by a qualified
Do not use multiple plugs/adapters or extension cables.
Do not plug in or unplug the mains plug with wet hands.
Only pull the mains plug out by the plug itself.
Fitting the door hinges
to the washer-dryer
Once the washer-dryer has been installed in a kitchen unit, it can be
concealed with a door. If you wish to do this, you must fit the hinges
supplied to the washer-dryer.
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