Water connection
To prevent leaks or water damage, you must observe the instructions in
this section.
If in doubt, have a technician connect the appliance.
The water supply and drain hoses can be routed to the left of right,
depending on installation conditions.
Do not use a used inlet hose. Only use the inlet hose supplied or one
which was purchased from an authorised specialist retailer.
Water supply
Do not allow the water supply hose to be:
kinked or squashed
altered or cut (strength no longer guaranteed).
Note the water pressure in the mains supply:
The water pressure should be between 50-900 kPa (0.5-9 bar) (at least
8 litres of water flow out per minute when the tap is turned on).
If the water pressure is higher, a pressure reducing valve must be fitted.
Connect the cold-water supply hose (blue union nut) to the cold water tap
with ¾" pipe thread.
For hot water supply*, connect the hose with the red union nut to the hot
water tap. The hot water temperature must not exceed 60 °C.
Only tighten plastic screw connections by hand.
Do not remove the filter from the supply hose.
After connecting the water supply hose:
Turn the tap on fully.
Check the connections for leaks.
Water drainage
Do not kink the drain hose or pull it lengthways.
Height difference between the installation surface and the drain:
max. 90 cm, min. 50 cm.
Secure the connection with a 24-40 mm hose clamp (available from
specialist retailers).
* depends on the model
Drainage into a siphon
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