Removing the transport
safety bolts
Unscrew all screws using
the spanner supplied
Remove all transport safety bolts completely
and take the mains cable out of the retainers.
Insert the protective
Before using the appliance for the first
time, you must make sure that all
transport safety bolts have been removed
and kept safe for any subsequent
If you need to transport the appliance at a
later date, always re-affix the transport
safety bolts to prevent damage to the
Positioning and
Appliance stability is essential to ensure that the washer-dryer does not
“creep” during spin cycles.
The installation area must be firm, clean and level.
Parquet floors and soft floor coverings, e.g. carpets or foam-backed
floor coverings, are unsuitable.
Slide sheets make it easier to slide the washing machine into the
installation recess.
Can be ordered from the after-sales service, spare part no. 66 1827.
Moisten the slide sheets with a mixture of water and washing-up liquid
before sliding the machine into place. Do not use grease and/or oil.
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