Installation instructions
Safety information
The washer-dryer is very heavy. Take care when lifting it.
Do not operate the washer-dryer if it has any visible damage. If you are in
any doubt, please consult our after-sales service or your retailer.
Do not install the washer-dryer outdoors or in areas exposed to frost.
Frozen hoses can crack or burst. As a result, the washer-dryer could be
Do not stand the washer-dryer upside down or on its side. Do not lift the
washer-dryer by protruding parts (e.g. door).
Do not place the washer-dryer behind a door or a sliding door which
could prevent the washer-dryer door from being opened. This will prevent
children from locking themselves in and putting their lives in danger.
Remove the transport braces and cross connectors and store in a safe
In addition to the instructions provided in this document, special
regulations from the relevant water and electric utility companies may
If in doubt, have a technician connect the appliance.
Included with the
On the back of the washer-dryer:
Water drain hose
Water supply hose
Mains cable with plug
Instruction manual and booklet containing after-sales service
Moisture may remain in the drum following the final inspection which
every washer-dryer undergoes before leaving the factory.
Number Description
5 Covers for openings left after removing the transport bolts.
1 Spanner
1 24-40 mm dia. hose clamp for connection to a siphon.
1 Door template
2 Door hinges with screws
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