After-sales service
Before you call the after-sales service, please check whether you can
correct the fault yourself –> page21.
You will be charged if a technician is called out, even during the warranty
You can find information about your nearest after-sales service here or in
the After-sales service directory (depending on the model).
Please give the after-sales service the product number (E-Nr.) and
production number (FD) of the appliance.
Enter the numbers of your appliance here.
You can find this information on the rating plate in the frame of the door.
Please help us to avoid unnecessary call-outs by quoting the product and
production numbers. This will also save you the associated additional
You can rely on the competence of the manufacturer. Please contact us.
This way, you can ensure the repair is carried out by trained service
technicians who are equipped with genuine spare parts.
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