Spinning during drying No fault "Thermo spin", which is for energy-effi-
cient drying, starts after a drying time
of approx. 10 minutes.
Drying result not
The laundry clings to the sides of the
drum after being spun.
Loosen up the laundry by hand,
start the drying programme
–> page17.
Closed tap Turn on the tap.
Selected drying time too short. Select the drying time according to the
load size.
Maximum or minimum load not taken
into account –> page30.
Once the programme has ended:
adjust the load quantity, select a
suitable drying programme and restart.
The fabric softener is not
completely flushed in or too
much water remains in the
compartment i.
The fabric softener compartment insert
is not correctly attached or is blocked.
If necessary, clean the fabric softener
compartment insert and fit it correctly
in compartment i.
The laundry is not dried. The tap is turned off. Turn on the tap.
The load is too large. Reduce the load size.
The drying time is too short. Select a suitable drying time.
No display on the display
Power cut. The programme continues when power
is restored. If you wish to remove the
laundry during a power cut, you must
first drain out the water –> page20.
Check whether:
- the plug is plugged into the socket
-the circuit breaker (fuse) has tripped;
call the after-sales service. –
> page24.
Door cannot be opened. $ (Rinse hold) has been selected. Select the programme
Empty + + Spin 0 and press
p Start/Pause.
The programme is running or the door
is locked for safety reasons.
Wait until appears on the
display panel.
Power cut. Unlock the door mechanically.
Emergency release To release the door mechanically in the event of a power cut:
turn the programme selector to Off and unplug the mains plug from the
open the base panel and drain out the water –> page20.
pull the emergency release downwards and open the door at the same time.
Before opening the door, make sure that there is no water or hot detergent
solution in the washer dryer.
Under no circumstances open the door with the emergency release while the
drum is still turning.
If you cannot correct a fault yourself (switching on/off) or a repair is required:
Turn the programme selector to Off and unplug the mains plug from the socket.
Turn off the tap and call the after-sales service –> page24.
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