What to do if...
Risk of electric shock
Repairs must only be carried out by customer services or authorised
If repairs are needed, or if you cannot rectify a fault yourself with the help
of the following table:
Set the programme selector to Off.
Disconnect the washer-dryer from the power supply.
Turn off the tap.
Call the after-sales service –> page24.
Other fault codes are only for use by the after-sales service. Make a note of the fault code to inform the after-
sales service.
Fault Possible cause Remedial action
Programme does not start. The p (Start/Pause) button has not
been pressed.
Press the p (Start/Pause) button.
A delayed start time has been
The washer-dryer starts once the delay
time has elapsed. If necessary, change
the finished in time –> page15.
Power cut.
The delayed start time that was
selected has been cleared.
Make a new delayed start time
selection or start a programme
Press the p (Start/Pause) button.
The door is not properly closed. Close the door.
Plug not inserted properly into socket. Insert plug correctly.
The maximum spin speed
cannot be set.
The maximum spin speed depends on
the programme selected.
Change programme as required.
The water is not drained. Drain hose is twisted. Fit the drain hose correctly.
Detergent pump is blocked. Clean the drain pump –> page20.
Detergent residues in the
detergent drawer.
Damp or lumpy detergent. Clean and dry the detergent drawer –
> page19.
Use the measuring aid for liquid
Fault code
The is not closed properly. Try to close the door properly.
The water protection system has been activated. Disconnect the appliance from
the mains, turn off the tap and contact the after-sales service
Water is not entering the appliance. See the fault Water is not flowing in.
The water is not drained. See the fault Water is not drained.
Not a fault! The unbalanced load detection system has detected an unbalanced
load caused by laundry items. The fluff removal cycle cannot start. Remove the
Maximum or minimum drying load not taken into account. HI/End or LO/End
flash alternately in the display. See information for the Drying result not
satisfactory fault.
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