Drain pump
Take the drain hose out of the retainer.
Remove the plug from the drain hose and release the washing water.
The container for the drained water may have to be emptied several
When no more water runs out, replace the plug.
Place the drain hose into the retainer.
Unscrew the pump cover.
Clean the pump housing and remove any foreign objects.
Make sure that the impeller can turn freely.
Replace the pump cover and screw firmly in place.
Place the kick panel in the 4 clip-in slots and secure to the housing
using the lock pins.
Filter in the water
supply hose
If no water runs into the washer-dryer, or only an insufficient amount, you
must first reduce the water pressure in the supply hose:
Turn off the tap.
Choose any programme
(except Rinse ' + Spin 0 / Empty + + Spin 0).
Press the ! (Start/Pause) button.
Allow the programme to run for approximately 40 seconds.
Set the programme selector to Off.
Unplug the mains plug from the socket.
Unscrew the water supply hose from the tap.
Clean the filter with a small brush.
Reconnect the hose.
Turn on the tap.
Check whether water comes out of the end of the hose.
If water is escaping, check that the filter is correctly seated.
Descaling the
This should not be necessary if the correct detergent dosage has been
used. If it is necessary, however, proceed according to the descaling
agent manufacturer's instructions. Suitable descalers can be obtained via
our website or from our after-sales service –> page24.
Set the programme selector to Off.
Use a screwdriver to release the lock pins.
Tip the kick panel and pull upwards to remove.
Draining the water
Cleaning the drain pump
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