Cleaning and care
Safety information
Risk of electric shock
You must disconnect the appliance from the mains first. Never clean the
washer-dryer with a water jet.
Risk of explosion.
Never clean the washer-dryer with solvents.
Risk of scalding
Hot washing water must be cooled before draining.
Housing and control
Wipe with a soft, damp cloth.
Remove detergent and cleaning agent residue immediately.
Do not clean with a jet of water.
Remove any foreign bodies from the drum and rubber seals.
Descaling the drum:
Only use a proprietary brand of descaler with corrosion inhibitor for
washing machines for descaling the washer-dryer.
Observe the manufacturer's instructions regarding use and dosage.
After descaling and removing rust from the drum,
run the Rinse ' + Spin 0 programme several times to remove any
remaining acid.
If any remaining metal objects (e.g. coins, paper clips, needles, nails)
have caused rust spots:
Use chlorine-free cleaning agents; observe the manufacturer's
instructions. Never use steel wool.
Detergent drawer
If there are detergent or care product residues:
Pull out the detergent drawer as far as the stop.
Press on the blue zone labelled PUSH and take out the detergent
Clean the detergent drawer guide.
Remove the blue fabric softener compartment insert.
Clean the detergent drawer and fabric softener compartment insert
under running water.
Insert the fabric softener compartment insert.
Insert the detergent drawer.
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