Drying button S
The drying programmes –> page14 can be individually adapted by
selecting the drying options.
Press the ˆ (Drying) button repeatedly until the required drying option
is shown on the display panel.
To deactivate, press the ˆ (Drying) button repeatedly until is
shown on the display panel.
Drying options (symbols on the display panel)
0 Time-controlled
The drying time can be set to between 2:40 and 0:00 by repeatedly pressing the
ˆ (Drying) button.
P Iron-damp The residual moisture in the washing is increased. Enables easier ironing.
e Cupboard-dry The laundry items are dry and ready to put away.
e+ Extra-dry The laundry is dried intensively. Suitable for laundry that is hard to dry.
Start/Pause button
Press the !(Start/Pause) button to start the selected programme.
The 0 (Remaining time) appears on the display panel. The p symbol
(Programme start) lights up.
The programme progress is shown on the display panel:
! - Pre-wash
N - Main wash
' - Rinse
0 - Final spin
- Drying
To change the programme:
Select a new programme.
Press the ! (Start/Pause) button.
The new programme starts.
Press and hold the ! (Start/Pause) button while the programme is in
progress until appears on the display panel. and the
Remaining time 0 appear alternately on the display while the programme
is paused.
Press the ! (Start/Pause) button to continue with the programme.
Press and hold ! (Start/Pause) until is displayed.
For washing programmes at high temperatures:
Cooling down laundry: choose Rinse ' + Spin 0.
Press the ! (Start/Pause) button.
For programmes at low temperatures:
choose Empty + + Spin 0.
Press the ! (Start/Pause) button.
If you cancel the drying programme, the laundry may still be very hot.
Programme progress
Changing the programme
Pausing the programme
Cancelling the programme
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