Washing and drying options
Temperature °C button
The temperature can be adjusted individually for each programme.
To adjust it, press the °C Temperature button repeatedly until the
required temperature is displayed.
Spin speed button 0
The spin speed can be individually adjusted for each programme.
To set the spin speed, press the 0 Spin button repeatedly until the
required spin speed is displayed.
$ (Rinse hold) deactivates the spin function. The laundry remains in the
rinsing water.
The automatic unbalanced load detection system ensures that the laundry
is evenly distributed using several initial spins. If the laundry is extremely
unevenly distributed, the speed of the final spin is reduced or the spin
cycle is not performed for safety reasons.
Option button
Set button
The set programmes can be individually adjusted.
To choose the required option:
Press the Option button repeatedly until the required option is selected
(indicator lamp flashes).
Press the Set button to switch the option on/off (indicator lamp lights
up/does not light up).
If you press and hold the Option button, all the options scroll through.
Options (symbols on the display panel)
! Pre-wash Prewash at 35 °C. Suitable for heavily soiled laundry.
È Intensive Washing time lengthened at 60 °C. Suitable for delicate, soiled
laundry. Cannot be combined with A Flexi Time
Q Easy-iron Special spin sequence with subsequent fluffing. Gentle final spin at
reduced speed. Slightly increased residual moisture in the laundry.
Reduces creasing and laundry is easier to iron.
) Water plus Increased water level and additional rinse cycle. For regions with very soft
water or for further improving the rinsing result. Any detergent residues
are removed.
A Flexi Time Sets the washing time, normal-medium-short.
C Signal Activates or deactivates the audible signal.
0 Finished in button
You can postpone the Programme start before it begins. Using the
Remaining time, you can determine when the selected programme is to
end. The remaining time can be set in one-hour increments, up to a
maximum of 24 hours. Press the 0 (Finished in) button repeatedly until
the required number of hours is displayed.
Then press the ! (Start/Pause) button, the programme will start after a
delay according to the set Fertig in Zeit (Finished in time). The required
time to the end of the programme is shown on the display panel.
Rinse Hold
Unbalanced load detection
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